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Selections: Coby Sey


Selections: Coby Sey

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. This week, ahead of his performance at the Southbank Centre with the London Contemporary Orchestra, Coby Sey spotlights a genre-spanning assortment of intimate, experimental music

Coby Sey’s music sounds particularly special in winter. The Lewisham musician, producer, vocalist and DJ’s frosty, nocturnal sound envelopes its listeners like a thick fog; rays of dewy melody beam through like city street lights, while disjointed beats growl like the sounds of distant buses and night trains. His intimate, introspective music has been released on labels such as AD 93 and CURL, the collective he co-founded with Mica Levi and Brother May, and his collaborative spirit has been demonstrated in his work with artists such as Tirzah, Klein, Babyfather, Kwes, and others. 

2021 saw Coby Sey working as a co-producer alongside Mica Levi on Tirzah’s landmark album, ‘Colourgrade’, as well as collaborating with the likes of Cosha, Leifur James, Kelly Lee Owens, Infinite Coles, Lafawndah and Galya Bisengalieva on a string of singles, remixes and reworks. 

Coby Sey will close out his busy 2021 this Wednesday (8th December) at the Southbank Centre, collaborating with the London Contemporary Orchestra for a special live performance as part of the venue’s Purcell Sessions. Tickets for the event are still available here

In the meantime, Coby Sey has shared some of his favourite recent musical discoveries as part of DJ Mag’s Selections series, all of which embody the intimate, experimental quality of his own music, as well as the sounds that appear in his monthly show on NTS.  Dig in below.  

‘Shade' [kranky]

“There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said before about this special person. This isn't a game to Liz Harris and it's very apparent through their work and their spirit.”

Mansur Brown

“Virtuous and celestial record. Also possible to meditate and vibe/dance to, separately or at the same time.”

‘Fatigue’ [Mexican Summer]

“I'm surprised I hadn't listened to this album prior. Taja Cheeks' second album as L'Rain is my entry point to their musical world and it resonates. Worth checking Taja's live show too.”

Karl D’Silva
‘Solo Saxophone 2010-2012’

“This record shows Karl's dedication to music and saxophone as mediums to communicate.”

Astrid Sonne
‘Outside of Your Lifetime’

“As CURL, Mica Levi, Brother May and I went on tour in late 2021 with Astrid supporting us. I can tell on this record that Astrid's having fun and basking in the freedom to make music unrestrained, applying electronics and acoustics.”

Laura Groves
‘A Private Road’ [Bella Union]

“I'm a long time admirer of Laura Groves' music. Really glad that Laura continues to share work.”

Dean Blunt
‘Black Metal 2’ [Rough Trade]

Nala Sinephro
‘Space 1.8’ [Warp]

“Amazing record from a brilliant musician who I met through Nadeem Din-Gabisi and Mettashiba. I didn't know until the release of this record that Nala was putting together an album. Pleasantly surprised.” 

Sandro Mussida
‘Decay Music n. 3: Rueben’ [Die Schachtel]

“This record displays Sandro's attention to detail to sound and frequencies using microtones and a minimal sonic palette and how these things can still be just as affecting / effective as conventional methods of making and performing music.”

Divide and Dissolve
‘Gas Lit’

“It's one of those records that not just blasts through the air but ripples across and through one's body. Elemental.”

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