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We catch up with the Canadian DJ ahead of her Miller SoundClash DJ Mag Live Stream

FeelGoodSmalls has been super-busy since returning from Las Vegas last summer. The Miller SoundClash 2015 finalist has relocated to London and is set to play a live set from DJ Mag HQ on April 7th. We caught up with the Canadian DJ to relive her Miller SoundClash experience and to look ahead to the next stage in her career.

For those who are not familiar with your work, how would you describe your sound?

“My sound is a variation of hip hop, moombahton and reggae with some funky house mixed in. My goal when I play is to keep you moving and feeling good.”

Tell us about your experience with Miller SoundClash Last Year?

“The Miller SoundClash competition last year was an unforgettable experience. I met so many amazing talented DJs from across the world who all shared the same passion for music. Placing second in the overall competition was a surreal experience, I was proud both for

Canada and for the female DJs out there working hard to prove their craft.” 

What have been the big changes or developments since returning from Vegas?

“Since returning from Las Vegas, I continued to build my career in Canada and toured the East and West Coast sharing my sound with the Country. In early 2016 I decided to expand my musical horizons and move to London UK. I have been signed to Universal Music/AfterCluv and I’ll be releasing my first single this year!”

Have you ever played a live stream show before?

“This will be my first time playing in front of cameras and having no crowd in front of me! I am sure it will be an exciting experience. I will just have to pretend my viewers are in front of me dancing and having a good time!”

What are your expectations of playing at DJ Mag HQ?

“I am looking forward to showcasing my DJ talents to the world and building new fans. I am hoping that my set inspires other up and coming female DJs to showcase their talents and passions as well.”

And what can we expect from you on the day? What kind of set do you have planned for us? 

“I have been compiling a lot of upbeat tracks with heavy booty-popping bass. It will be very high energy, and take you on an overall musical journey of my tastes. I am looking for you all to come along for the ride!”

Sounds great! Really looking forward to it! Finally, please can you let us know what is next on the radar for you?

“I am looking forward to playing in Europe as well exploring and producing my own sound.”

FeelsGoodSmalls will play during a very special Miller SoundClash DJ Mag Live Stream on Thursday 7th April at 4:30pm GMT.

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