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Aux: Tech: 01: Sampler

Nothing to do with Detroit techno dudes Aux 88, this is a taster from the underground tech-funk label's first comp to mark their 20th release. All original newies, Rektchordz's 'Brain Eater' is a big zombie-encrusted, synth-driven beast. Hedflux's 'Integrator' is also a driving tech-funk demon with a mesmerising, incessant acidic bassline and writhing serpents lurking in the shadows. The pace is lowered somewhat for Seth Orin's growly electro-funker 'Chatta' before 'Dark Test' by the superbly named Hironimus Bosch introduces dubstep wub into the dark, swirly tech-funk mix. Finally, Neurodriver plumbs 'The Depths' that builds expectation like an X-Press 2 classic. Smokin'.