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Rico Tubbs

Madness/Feel It (Remixes)

Joint Bass=Win head honcho with Terry Hooligan, Rico Tubbs sends out the parts of a couple of his tunes to some hot remixers. Killabits introduces a big Amen break into his wicked drumstep reworking of 'Madness', a track that'll sound massive in a sweaty rave den. Submerse opts for a more fidgety trajectory, oceanic synth leading up to a neo-trance build-up and clattering breakbeats before a wobbly bass music middle section - a destroyer, for sure. BKC turns 'Feel It' dubstep, while Kanji Kinetic rattles through a skittery drumstep revamp, complete with massive Skrillex warped bassline and glitchy FX. Huge package.