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Far Too Loud

Ready To Stomp EP

Far Too Loud's new EP marks the 50th release for Funkatech, so congrats to Asad and the gang for maintaining the quality for so long. 'Hear Dem Style' announces its presence with a clanging klaxon before tripping into shuddery, juddery scratchadelic bassline rave territory, offset by melodic Alex Metric electro interludes. Tops. 'Moneymaker' is a dramatic, cinematic horrorcore drumstep belter with a wobbly bassline to make yer knees tremble, and 'Ready For The Stomping' is an amazingly intricate high-octane big room whopper that's like a Koma & Bones noisenik electro beast torn a glitchy new arsehole by Justice on PCP. 'Rock That Beat' doesn't let up, big bastard breaks all the way.