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Premiere: Say3 'Get Up and Move'

Bristol collective Club Djembe will launch their label with a compilation EP next month. Hear Atlanta artist Say3's rhythmic fusions, inspired by the varied sounds of afro-diasporic genres, on 'Get Up and Move'


Bristol's Club Djembe will launch their label with a compilation EP.

The collective, who explore "global influences on dance music", will release 'Club Djembe Vol. 1' on 6th September, with five tracks coming from regulars and headliners at their parties.

The release opens with a glossy house track from Club Djembe residents and Roska Kicks & Snares affiliates, DJ Polo and Lob, before UK funky mainstay KG takes over for another house cut that's filled with South African influence.

Atlanta DJ/producer Say3, who grew up listening to his parent's afrobeat and reggae records, explores the sounds of afro-diasporic genres in his productions, from Durban to Luanda. His contribution, 'Get Up and Move', is a rhythmic, percussive anthem, layering Cuícas and a commanding vocal in a high-octane dancefloor cut.

Listen to 'Get Up and Move' below and pre-order the EP here