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Premiere: Strict Face 'Intraheat'

Premiere: Strict Face 'Intraheat'

Gobstopper affiliate Strict Face will release a four-track EP via Nina Las Vegas' NLV Records later this month. Listen to chaotic flute samples weave through skittered percussion on 'Intraheat' now

Strict Face will debut four new tracks on NLV Records later this month.

The Adelaide-based producer, who released his nine-track, debut mixtape via Local Action Records in 2018, presents a club-orientated EP in the form of 'Urgency'.

Introducing his 'CLB/Hide The Gold' EP last month, 'Urgency' follows the driving dancefloor thematics of the two-tracker, showcasing a fast-paced and club-driven side to the producer's productions. "The tracks on Urgency stem from output I’d written in the wake of recovering from a creative block I’d suffered after releasing my New Racer mixtape last November,” he explains. "I hadn’t written music without having a grand plan for it in quite a while - almost every release I’ddone before then had a pre-meditated M.O. - so it was a nice change of pace to just write music that I could simply play out in the club".

The EP's second track, 'Intraheat', sees Strict Face weave a catchy flute sample through skittered, dancehall-inspired rhythms, providing a fresh take on percussion-heavy club sounds.

Listen to 'Intraheat' below and pre-order 'Urgency' here.

(Photo: Tiff Williams)