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Breaks & Bass - Single Reviews - 501

Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 501


The Revival EP

Sub Slayers

No messin'. Jersey boys Schema have clearly been digging out some mid-90s drum & bass for inspiration, and here turn out a killer EP of future jungle breaks. This sound is killing it in the clubs at the mo, and 'Wait No More' - with its old skool diva vocal and uplifting piano keys - recalls some 1994 Suburban Base classic. With low-slung breakbeats and oceanic PFM washes, 'Move' starts like a long lost Omni Trio cut before tuffening into more of an alien Source Direct beat matrix. 'Jungle Rain', with Jersey junglists Terminal State, morphs into a high-octane, zippy early Blame/2Bad Mice polyrhythmic delight, and 'Test Me' shifts from old skool piano breakbeat hardcore into futuristic dubstep in a breath. Love it all.