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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 603

Josh Wink

Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins Remix One)

Strictly Rhythm

Now here’s a remix that absolutely no-one asked for. But now it’s here, I’m wondering where it’s always been? Remixing classics of this calibre is always a task to be handled delicately, and it has to be said that the Adana Twins have completely nailed it. Fans of the original will not be disappointed; this has retained all of its charms, yet sonically pushed it into the realms where it previously fell short. A giant kick-snare loop really has taken that infamous acid lead line into even deeper late night territory. I can not wait to hear this at the festivals.

No Moon

'653 Miles'


Channeling serious vibes, production powerhouse No Moon is back with another bag of fresh flavours for your home stereo. Known to most for his deep techy sounds, this one’s a little more subtle than his usual offerings, but it’s still great. Clearly a conduit for some lovely early Orbital-esque feels, this one’s beauty is rooted in its honesty and simplicity. Love it.

Guau X Nosk


83 Recordings

Like the sun rising after the moon, you can always be sure that the guys at 83 will be bringing some serious heat to your party. Head honcho GUAU teams up with label stalwart Nosk here to deliver a rather flavoursome bowl of snappy perc loops, deep, Reesey low-end grooves, and a menacing overtone that’ll have all gun fingers pointed accordingly. Strong release from some future heavyweights of the scene.


'Incoherent Death Experience'

Ruffhouse Munich

Occupying that wonderful space between the broken beat and techno worlds, these new Tymotica jams are some otherworldly shit. The 'Incoherent Death Experience EP' is a catch-all bank of raw mid-tempo loops, thunderous bass, and soaring synth lines, all finished with a layer of analogue grit for the authentic Berlin experience. This is an undeniably big record, featuring some strikingly intuitive programming, that’ll be turning a lot of heads in the coming months.

Plump DJs


Punks Music

The horns sound, as the doughty Plump DJs drop their first beat of 2020, and true to form, it's an absolute barn-stormer. From the get-go, this one’s crammed with those uniquely feel-good vibes; a classic battle-hop vocal snaps in with glam guitar stabs, before dropping out into a booming, low-end workout, juxtaposed by an infectiously squeaky lead line for the healthy dose of songwriting brilliance we’ve come to expect from Soho’s notorious antiheroes.


'The One'


Let’s face it, Prospa are the dons right now. Their mix of hype, an unwavering work ethic, and the ripest beats on the street is taking this sound into uncharted territory. 'The One' is an airy rave ballad of deep Reese bass, trancey arpeggiated leads and raspy breakbeats, and it’s probably my favourite tune of theirs to date. It appears that not even the sky is the limit for this perspicacious young duo.



Lagaffe Tales

That crazy Icelandic producer Jónbjörn returns to his label Lagaffe Tales, delivering another brain-rotting batch of ice-cold badness to the frontlines. Presenting some seriously menacing sounds and an uncompromisingly matter-of-fact attitude, he’s cooked up a particularly visceral palette of textures here. Eerie reverbs, chilling minor pads and a smacking bank of perc loops accompany some fuzzy, tube-driven bass for real analogue heads.


'Where Am I'

Trippy Ass Technologies

Responsible for a multitude of the biggest tunes in my crates, NiQW has been turning out what I consider to be some of the most intuitive beats on the scene for more than a hot minute. He rarely steers off the four-four path, but when he does, you’re guaranteed a buy-on-sight jam. This one’s a throbbing palette of deep sub-bass movement, ragged Amen breaks, and echoes of the archetypal Metalheadz timbres.