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Drum & Bass - Single Reviews - 592

Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 592


Chord Memory

Critical Music

We’ve been rinsing this EP like it pulled into the £3.50 car wash at the end of the road. Every track is pure fire, but this was the track which made us raid our phonebook to find anyone we could talk to about how good it is. Beginning with blurry, ethereal post R&B, the intro quickly moves into warm and uplifting techno sounds, before the drop reveals the brooding, distorted underlayer of darkness. Catching your breath with metallic swathes, and razor sharp cuts, paired with the fast, forward-moving beat, there’s a horror movie vibe, which is expertly and intoxicatingly juxtaposed with the uplifting repeating chords.


'Be You'

Low Down Deep

Jump up’s definitely having a moment right now, with the biggest DJs across the whole scene peppering their sets with the wobble. LDD has always had the roughest, rawest sounds within the sub genre, and this little party anthem is no different, with ferociously fast drums and a simple, distorted monotone pattern broken by rising bass. The breakdown has a catchy female vocal and an old school euphoric vibe.


'Crimson Eyes '


Celebrating five years of operation, Soulvent reminds us what it's made of. This is a meltingly soft drop of liquid gold, with a gloriously warm sub and a cascade of tumbling breaks. The track has an almost soul-nourishing quality — add in the sing-a-long, and we've got ourselves a summer shiner. It's perfect boat party listening. Keep an eye on In:Most, they're set for big tings.




Forthcoming on CFNK:D, the strictly digital-only offshoot of Cyberfunk, we are introduced to the label's new signing Psynchro — and let us tell you, thus far we are impressed. Working well within the rollers remit that the scene is currently leaning towards, the track heavily nods to jump up, with some harsh hits and hard thuds, while blending in some dirty, face contorting twists of tech. It's all tied together with a muffled, dystopian wash.

Lucy Kimble

'Keeper (Influxx Remix)'


The lyrical content here is particularly religious — we can't say we're used to hearing tracks so openly Christian, and we're not completely sure how good we'd feel singing along to the Lord while messily dancing in a dark room. However, this aside, musically the track is pretty beautiful. Glowing pads soar among classic breaks and soft, warming subs, and there are flickers of interest brought by dark, distorted glitches.

Dead Man’s Chest x Sonic

'Pum Flex'

Sneaker Social Club

A quick flick on to Sneaker Social Club's SoundCloud reveals its location as Berlin via Bristol, and we can’t think of more apt cities for this imprint. SSC knows how to do crossover and do it well, resulting in some fine ass jungle tekno. On 'Pum Flex', pounding drums are backed with a layer of fuzzy rumba patterns before being dusted with classic breaks and a wash of lo-fi paranoid pads.

DLR, Black Barrel & Hydro

'Things Change'

Sofa Sound

At just a little over a year old, DLR's Bristol-based Sofa Sound holds its own against the longest-running imprints in the game, and is releasing its first compilation album. With names like Script, Randall and Break on the contributing artist list, we can promise you it's weighty AF. The sampler boasts this misty, oozing roller, draped in horror and sci-fi samples, with a vibrating melody that's a sure-fire screwface inducer.

Andy C

'Till Dawn'


Boasting events like last year’s all-night show at the huge SSE Arena Wembley, there’s no denying that the executioner is d&b’s greatest DJ — but unfortunately for us, this track is a little lacklustre. The dancefloor party vibe here is strong, and we can’t deny its potential to send the room off, but we feel there are a few too many elements to the track that feel overused.