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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 601

Dawn Wall

I Should Have Been There

Integral Records

Another mesmerisingly gorgeous piece of music from the enigmatic colour changing mask that is Dawn Wall. The twisted reversed vocals give this seemingly, gloriously bright track a taunted and twisted vibe. A rolling Think Break creates the anchor which the tracks repeating melody drapes over like a delicate lace, abrasive sounding distortion works against soft plunking hits to an amazing contrasting effect. Absolutely beautiful music as always from the unknown outfit. However, if you’re looking to see a different side of DW look no further, ‘Legends’ and ‘Birdmask' bring really metallic, industrial, futuristic filthiness, unexpected but vibes!


'Acacia Road'


It may not be the most recognisable name in your playlists, but over years industry favourite dgoHn, has received support from world-renowned artists such as Thom Yorke, Tom Ravencroft and Aphex Twin as he simmers away beneath the surface of the experimental underground. Joining Fracture’s Astrophoninca for a collection of exceptionally well placed cascading breaks, cowbells the odd car horn and layers and layers of beautifully futuristic atmospherics. This is an EP we’ve had on continuous repeat.

Mampi Swift

'Gangster (MNDSCP Remix)'

Charge Recordings

In our opinion still one of the most entertaining DJs on the circuit, Mampi Swift teases us with a sampler ahead of the release of his 20 track LP, with both original tracks and remixes making the cut. Here we see floor filling classic Gangster taken in a heavier, harder-hitting edge, with tech twitching breaks and addition pounding hits, while keeping true to the melody and anthemic vibes of the original.




Goldfat Records is a label owned and ran by Mikekiss and Mr Porter, and if you’ve heard any of their music before you know what vibes to expect. New to producing but old guard to the game Pyxis displays her years of inside knowledge in the form of them seemingly effortless smoothness of this sexily sultry, upbeat liquid roller. The whole track radiates an uplifting glow which only brighten with each rippling droplet sound. Very Very pretty.

Conrad Subs & DJ Hybrid

'Rinse It '

Deep In The Jungle

Award-winning label brings original vibes with a modern touch. The baseline on this one is just too much! Bass faces and slut drop a gwan.

Whipped Cream & Reaper



When we first heard the into’s pitched-up vocals and student-town synths we thought we were in for a cheddar drenched ride, but alas the cheery, cherry pop edge was a rouse because the drop reveals some wildly unexpected cuts of loud, aggressive and metallic neuro. With the break down providing a dubstep pull to this beast. We can’t really see ourselves hearing much of this track on most UK floors, but can vividly picture it ferociously tearing down the Belgium scene and next years LIR.


'Supposed To Be'

The North Quarter

With a catalogue number that has only just reached its teens, it’s hard to fathom the amount of amazing output from Lenzman’s album TNQ, the reason is twofold. Firstly because each EP usually comprises upward of 6 tracks, and secondly because nearly everyone is gem. Here we find signature styles of lulling piano keys against deep jazzy subs and shuffling liquid drums. Subtle and refined the track exudes an air of delicate exception and is as beautiful as we’ve come to expect from both Satl and The North Quarter.


'The Future'

Audio Porn

Gino is certainly doing bits right and is one to watch for 2020 for sure. With the jump up dancefloor dominated by a certain sound, this stepper reminds us of the twisted, killer-clown sounds of Taxman and Original Sin, weighty subs and wonky melodies. This EP is packed with the classic tropes of the dirtier end of the spectrum but punched with unexpected influences and sounds. Our first impressions was “blimey, that’s loud!” But a reload revealed some real talent and understanding for the genre. Big!


'You Got Me'

Ram Records

This track really encapsulates the sound of the moment with a backbone of hot right now classic tropes including jungle breaks, euphoric synths and speed vocals, you can hear past influences in every note, but then we’re hit with a load of foghorn to sign and seal it as 2019. While for us this isn’t a track that’s moving mountains it’s a solid banger for sure it’s one the floor will dig and it’s very right for right now.