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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 603


Got A Feeling

Symmetry Recordings

Oh lord have mercy on our eardrums, and bless our soon-to-be-shattered rib cages. He’s only gone and done it again! Few artists get us all a flutter each and every time their name appears in our inbox; then again, few artists strike the all-consuming balance between screaming-fuck-off-in-a-DJ's-face filth and pure body mesmerising groove. 'Got A Feeling' has perfectly executed drums which flip between quick shuffles and crisp highs, and a disgusting, dirty bassline, accentuated with beautifully crystal negative sound. Another unadulterated banger from the ultimate master of the modern-day dance.


'Flibbidy Gibbit'

Warm Ears Music

While the winter winds rattle our windows, the soft, soothing sounds of ‘Flibbidy Gibbit’, with its subtle rumba nods, send our souls drifting off to warmer wonderings. With its mellow low-end, layers of reverberating glow and delicate vocal, it’s chilled listening at its height. This album effortlessly dances across sub genre lines, demonstrating a deep understanding. Completely different to the ganja-laced ‘Gimme Da Gal’ sound we all remember, it’s a new side of the producer we’re very happy to hear.

Phace & Subtension

'For Good '

Neosignal Recordings

The intense energy; the weird, chaotic, glitchy shuffles that almost seem to have no pattern; the menacing, dystopian horror film atmospherics that shroud the track; the clicks, the twists, the whirls. It’s all here. This track is Neosignal to its core, and we’re feeling it — no-one does groovy robotics quite like these guys. This is the third instalment of the label ‘LINKED’ series, which sees artists collaborating with label boss Phace.


'Horizon feat. Jinadu'

Shogun Audio

You can’t beat a deep, rolling sub, layered with dark, moody atmospherics, twinkling touches of light and soul-soothing vocals. What makes this track particularly beautiful is the pure clarity of Jinadu’s voice, that rings clear and slices though the juxtaposed low-end. As well as this drop of liquid, Monrroe showcases his deeper side on this, his first EP for the imprint.


'Mesmerise '

Hospital Records

Being a fan of Flava D after seeing her tear apart the floor at a Butterz rave at Cable (gone but never forgotten!) with her bouncing, grimy selection, we were somewhat surprised to hear her d&b sub-genre of choice is much lighter. For her debut release after being exclusively signed to Hospital, we find a soft bassline, relaxing pads and flickers of happy-go-lucky, nostalgic sci-fi vibes (if they’re a thing).


'Points In Time'


Featuring jungle flavours, experimental breaks and a little hint of chaos, we love the continuous hissing which cloaks the track; there's a feeling of being happily lost in an acid dripping tropical forest. 'Points In Time' uses snips of well-loved break samples and an additional texture to the melody, while wonky dub sirens and weird reverberating noises create the main hook of the track. But for us, all the fun comes from the bobbing sub.

BCee & Blu Mar Ten

'Rose Coloured Stain Glass Windows '

Spearhead Records

As stunning as we expected from this collaboration. BCee & Blu Mar Ten release a five-track EP featuring the vocal talents of Charlotte Haining, DRS and Lucy Kitchen. While the entire release is a bit of our cuppa, ‘Rose Coloured Stained Glass Windows’ takes the biscuit, with a Think break bubbling below the surface, a quirky time signature which is ever so slightly jarred, and layers of floating synths and soulful guitar sounds.

DJ Trace


Tempo Records

Here we find the debut release on shiny new label Tempo Records. The imprint has created a project entitled SPEED, which will release limited collectors' picture-disc vinyl from legendary artists. First up, Trace, reinvigorating the harsh and dark tech-step sound, that some credit him for pioneering. The track is slow-moving, pounding and slightly rough-sounding, although poised, with an air of majesty. It really hammers home the old school vibe.