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Garage - Single Reviews - 564

Singles - Garage - Issue 564

Mickey Pearce

Top 5 Goat Memes

Ten Thousand Yen

I feel like life is rewarding Mickey Pearce the luxury to channel his inner Scratcha DVA and go even weirder — as the title alone of his return to Ten Thousand Yen might suggest. 'Top 5 Goat Memes' is the kind of effortless cool you’d expect from Pearce but more importantly it’s very colourful, as if someone was [spoiler alert] actually having visible fun and outwardly enjoying themselves at a greyscale techno party inside a peeling warehouse.

Various Artists


Fabric Records

There’s a real and honest point to this fundraising compilation of 111(!) tracks. There’s a meaning to it, a relevance and — without being overly dramatic — it’s the sound of a whole culture’s collective pang of pain. With the closure of the London club still heavy in the November air, Fabric have hoovered up cuts from a true plethora of electronic music, from Caspa and Rusko to Dusk & Blackdown, Howie B, Mr C, Mathew Jonson and Cosmin TRG.



Cult Mountain

After starring turns on the previous collaborative Cult Mountain releases with Lee Scott and Trellion, Milkaveli hits out with his first solo self-released EP and, thankfully, '616god' is as weird, as rude and as blunted as fans could want and/or expect. Milk’s trademark lazy, hyper-medicated, off the top of the dome kind of drawl again works perfectly with the crunched-up, echo-affected beats which scream ingenuity whilst operating in a genre which sometimes needs a kick up the harris.

Mr Beatnick

'Armes Secrètes EP '


On some level it’s definitely a back-handed compliment to note that ‘Achilles Heel’ is the best thing I’ve heard from Mr Beatnick to date. Especially considering that it sounds very little like the rest of his back catalogue, and more like the soundtrack to a cheap cyborg film. But I’ve always been into that intersection of music where chase-heavy horror movie soundtracks meet grandiose late ‘80s acid-synth music. Stranger Things has happened.

DJ Mitsu the Beats

'Beat Installments Vol. 4'

Jazzy Sport

Even though you do kind-of know exactly what you’re getting from Mitsu with his 'Beat Installments' series, he never fails to up the ante and produce the goods. Another truly mixed bag, some of the material is hard-knocking and some is jazzy as hell. Some of the cuts are more like beat sketches with heavy kicks and drunk punching snares, whilst others are crisped and metal-sounding drum loops peppered with Rhodes piano.



Black Acre

I have absolutely no frame of reference for this — no questions have been asked or answers given — but this latest material from The Maghreban feels rather intuitive, as if the elements might have come together pretty simply and quickly. That's by no means intended as a negative thing, I mention it more because ‘Brooklyn’ feels like the output of a producer who’s steadily in his groove. The best bit is that never-ending stabby synth solo at the four-minute mark.



Ten Thousand Yen

If I was looking to purposely be a dick about it, I’d write this entire review about how the ambient version of ‘Tens Of Cups’ is the best thing on Deadboy's EP because it unsettles me way more than any of the other drummed cuts on the 12” do. But I’ve been in my 30s for a minute now and I’m trying hard to shed those tendencies; plus the three other tracks really are wonderfully put together.




I’ll admit it, I know absolutely nothing about Piezo. A little bit of casual internet sluthing (I asked Jeeves) later and it’s evident the lad’s got a great smile and Bristolian connections. But none of that matters considering the deftness, the layers and the cheekiness of the first release on his new Ansia label: ‘Gattomatto’ is this spaced-out, tumbling half-step sort of beast, while ‘Cala’ channels the best parts of Addison Groove. A fantastic find.



Idle Hands

Clutching another fantastic selection of all too brief, quasi-ambient explorations, Jabu and Neek return to Idle Hands as the unpronounceable O$VMV$M. The ten fractionated and distilled tracks showcase a sketch-writing maturity that kind of feels like it should be way beyond their combined experience. Tracks like ‘Reverse’ and ‘Sleep’ deserve to have been five-times longer, and that proves to be my only issue with the album. I’d have liked a LOT more.