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Hip Hop & Trap - Single Reviews - 591

Singles - Hip Hop & Trap - Issue 591



Boot Records

Jazz T and Zygote step up to the mark to back London Posse legend Bionic on this stunning new 12" (backed with the equally awesome 'Set In Stone' and on gorgeous transparent green vinyl). Bionic has lost none of his nonchalance, grace, sharpness and verve, and the Boot crew sort him out with a fantastically dungeon-esque, yet slamming backdrop: heavy-assed beats, pulsing doomy bass and the kind of loops that just have you rapt and wrecked. Two-thousand-nineteen off to an absolute fucking flyer.

184 & Big Toast

'Future Cunts'

Revorg Records

'Prolefeed' is SUCH a great, dissident, angry record about the UK's current acceleration into shitsville, and 'Future Cunts' is a genius choice as the new single from it. A funny, fearless set of rhymes about generation-fucked, allowed to ease out over a totally compelling, bass-heavy soundscape, giving each line extra impact, and adding extra doses of irony to BT's description: "'Future Cunts' is a moving and beautiful song, dedicated to the kids. The kids are the future." Don't believe a word of it. BELIEVE EVERY WORD.

Baileys Brown

'Horses Mouth '

Potent Funk

As an instrumental, this would be of a piece with that new Remulak track: woozy with noble-gases, smeared, bleary and fucked up, but strangely hypnotic too. With Datkid and Jinxsta JX's vocals, 'Horses Mouth' becomes something new entirely — a beautifully poised balance between the spacious refusal-of-significance in the music, contrasted with the abrasive monomania of the lyrics. 'Still Fresh' is the new set ready to drop and, with cameos from Stinkin Slumrock, Juganaut, Datkid and Black Josh, you know it's going to be essential. Swim in this madness.

Pitch 92

'Humanoid '

High Focus

NOT the homage to Stakker you might have hoped for (fk me that needs to happen), but a really compelling track from Pitch's stunning new '3rd Culture' full-length, and the lead-off single. Great to hear King Kashmere and Mysdiggi trading rhymes for the very first time on wax, helped by Verb T and a harsh, heavy production that's pure adrenaline and hydraulics. As electronic as an HF artist has ever got, and all the better for it — the album is already one of the year's highlights. Essential.

Yugen Blakrok

'Picture Box'

I.O.T Records

"Fire was the first storyteller, now we gather around a television like in times past." Yugen's new album 'Anima Mysterium' (after 2014's brilliantly monikered 'Return Of The Astro-Goth') is a little TOO dense for me (and rappers talking about the "protocols of Zion" should just get off YouTube and read more, to be honest), but in bite-sized chunks, like this scintillating single, Blakrok's music works a treat. Incredibly thoughtful rhymes about our addictive suckling of the cathode-ray nipple, and a great sense of heat, confusion and overload to the mix from Kanif The Jhatmaster. Seek it out.

Bronx Slang

'Run Away Sucker'


"I keep it raw like I'm lactose-intolerant." With Ultimate Dilemma veteran Jadell behind the boards, you know that what you're in for musically here is going to be fat, funky and addictive — slamming beats, a wickedly lunging bassline, zinging psyche guitar licks and top-notch scratching sit deliciously under some livid rhymes from Miggs and Jerry Beeks. Purist golden-age boombap, but dark enough and driven enough to convince you completely. Snap it up like a Hungry Hungry Hippo.

Onoe Caponoe

'Suicide City '

High Focus

If this first single from everyone's favourite psychonaut rap-kid's new album ('Surf Or Die', dropping soon) is any indication, it looks like Onoe's finally figured out that if you're going to do weird-beard stream-of-psychosis raps, then it's best not to let the music slip into similar sloppiness. 'Suicide City' snaps with a bass-heavy closeness, propels itself forward, even as OC slips between worlds and mindsets. It's one of the best things I've ever heard him do. Hope there's lots more like this to come.

IMS & Joey Menza

'The Wake'

Starch Records

Ever-dependable production team Ill Move Sporadic follow up that canny single with Sleaford Mods by hooking up with lyricist Joey Menza for this first drop from forthcoming full-length 'Drug Corpse 2'. The beat here is noisy and satisfyingly heavy as fuck — thankfully, no cleanliness gets looped over it, only more filth and wreckage, a simmering arc of feedback and spun-out inhuman vocals, with a dubbed horn-lick sinking you deeper in the quagmire. Menza combines literary and mythical references to great effect — in other words, I have no fucking idea WHAT he's on about, but my god you can feel the CONVICTION radiate through your speaker-cone. Superb.

Booda French

'Vintage Berbatov '

Eatgood Records

Goddamnit — how does Eatgood's head honcho Sonnyjim manage to make his productions ALWAYS sound this awesome? 'Vintage Berbatov' is so beautifully laced together; from the sumptuous beat and bass to the tiny guitar licks and almost-overwhelming string arrangement, it's a dazzling piece of work. Booda's limitations as a rapper actually perfectly suit the backdrop — he stalks, dazed, around the liquid dew-kissed wonder of the track, and can barely get his shit together, raps in a kind of staggered punch-drunk way that's really compelling. As ever, good eats from Eatgood.