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Tech House - Single Reviews - 584

Singles - Tech House - Issue 584

Los Pastores

Reminder EP

Decay Records

Decay Records invite the Valencian duo Los Pastores for their first full EP, and it's technical, moody, and concentrated, but above all danceable. It’s full of tech flair; deep and low-riding house, tripped out vocal samples/licks, and hypnotising percussive loops. There’s beautiful percussion arranged on their original ‘Cap Down’, but the balance comes from rough-edged pairing ‘Reminder’ and ‘Challenger’. Up steps Matt Tolfrey for a bruising proto tech-house refix (‘Reminder’) and Igor Vicente smooths out ‘Challenger’s’ rough and tumble construct. Oh yes.

Ruben Mandolini

'Be Sensitive EP'

Origins Rcrds

The Snatch! and Stereo Productions’ regular delivers a classic A/B-side double act on his debut for Josh Butler’s saucy, tech-leaning house imprint Origins Rcrds. The lead track uses tight, shuffling drums, a classic two-note bass loop and his trusty vocal lick and sample combos to deliver an infectious killer blow. The B-side, ‘See The Blues’ is thick and subby, the drums heavy, growling forward and taking you and the dancefloor to a sweaty peak, before the Samuel L Jackson breakdown.

Various Artists

'Blond:ish - Mountains Of The Mind/Mouth: Remixes '

Warung Recordings

If you like your tech-house with character and feeling, this remix package from Brazil’s Warung Recordings camp is for you. Four gorgeously atmospheric revisions on the recent Blond:ish two-tracker, itself a standout pairing from the duo. Bloem, Santiago Garcia, Leo Janeiro and Boghosian all take their turn, and all deliver something in-keeping with Blond:ish’s contemplative and alluringly moody tech-house.

Juli Lee

'Breaking Clouds'


This rising Swiss producer has deep, techy pace on her ‘Breaking Clouds EP’ out on Goran Meyer’s MYR imprint. Both tracks are expressive and emotive; precisely Juli’s forte, having released on the likes of Moonbootique and Symmetric Records. She settles into a groove immediately on the absorbing opener Cirrocumuli’. Flipside, ‘You Are Not Machines’ offers more mid-range percussive texture, as ‘The Great Dictator’ speech cuts wickedly through fluid pads and plodding bass notes. Moody and assured goodness.

Aert Prog

'C.I.T.Y. EP'


Aert Prog gives us another fine dispatch of hard-edged and off the wall technoid house, with his single ‘C.I.T.Y’ receiving hearty remixes. Jovan Vucetic & Vaxx and Kreature both supply nu skool tech-house revisions; elsewhere, Lee Webster & Lina Prey are inventive in sound design, arrangement, and style for a techno-meets-tech-house monster. Lastly, UGLH & Guglielmo Duranti offer a composed brace of seductive deep house, with their enchanting, Balearic ‘Heart Remix’ stealing the show.


'Customer Is King EP'


The 100th Diynamic releases couldn’t have been better celebrated than by label head Solomun returning to release his first full EP in three years. ‘Customer Is King’ is due to be included in Grand Theft Auto 6 (2019). Yes, commercial, but we applaud the nifty licensing; this release is huge. The lead track is a bold and progressive deep houser, ‘Dre’ is a dark and futurist, bass squelching classic and, on ‘Ich Muss Los’, Solomun shows how he pays the bills with a dramatic and energy filled dancefloor bomb. Give the man his dues, this is brilliant.

De La Swing

'Face To Face EP'

Elrow Music

This release possesses all the fun of the infamous Elrow parties. A hard kick and supportive bass satisfy the low-end on ‘Face To Face (Enter The Rave Rework)'; popping toms doing the work in the mid-range under a shower of tidy and bold top-end percussion, and a cocky four-bar rap loop to finish it off. Low-riding toms take the lead on Shaf Huse’s remix, as he creates a catchy, dub-like version of the original, while the package is wrapped up with a more seductive rhythm on ‘Dihue’.

Tibo Dabo

'La Dorada EP'


Those of you with your fingers on the pulse may recognise this: ‘La Dorada’ was one of Pete Tong’s essential new tunes for January. But this is August, we hear you cry. Well, it was such a fresh track back then and unsigned at the time, and now gets the airing it deserves on Damian Lazarus’s Rebellion imprint. Melodic, shimmering house that’ll soundtrack every steamy summer’s evening with engulfing, harmonising synths, plus a mega tasty B-side.

Martin Eyerer & Markus Homm



This is the pair’s second collaboration, and it’s a no-frills, double-headed, tech-house delight. Both of the originals deliver some hearty, honest, and rolling deepness: ‘Springlane’ with more bumping sub-low rumbles, ‘On And On’ with a hypnotic four-note bass synth. Visionquest’s Ryan Crosson adds his unique technical flair — that sliding sub bass is something else — to make ‘Springline’ a powerful, highly rhythmic number.