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Tech House - Single Reviews - 589

Singles - Tech House - Issue 589



Gaazol Records

The vinyl-only label from Lille drafts inventive groove merchant, DoubtingThomas, for its third release, offering a poised four tracks, and including a remix from Berlin’s Beste Modus co-owner, Diego Krause. The light, airy ‘Triangle’ is a patient journey with an expansive breakdown, making this a balanced opener; Diego rebuilds the original into a peak-time booty shaker, upholding much of the track's percussive tone, but delivering more club focus. ‘Drive’ follows this with a zonal, looping character, while ‘Wakarimasen’ shows more technical flair, better suited to those heady warm-ups and rollover afterparties.

The Mole

'A Walk In The Field'


The Mole needs little introduction. This Canadian maestro delivers a playful four-track selection, though two don’t fit this page — the twisted funk rhythms of ‘A Walk In A Field’ and the heady, slouching synth-waddling ‘Laughy Dumb Dumb’. The focus here is on the intricate electronics of ‘Wiggle Wiggle’ and ‘Valerie Temple Boyd' (a collaboration with Hreno). The former melds a wild sound palette with distinct layers, yet finds a cohesive groove, and the latter is formed of brash percussion and trippy bass for a minimal ride into the unknown.


'Bailando EP'

Dansu Discs

US producer X-Coast delights with his heritage-heavy double A-side on the emerging UK-based Dansu Discs, complete with remixes from Big Miz and Tommy Holohan. ‘Bailando’ delivers some beefy bass, clattering club beats and looping, chopped vocals; elsewhere, ‘The Realest Oh La La La’ ups the ante, with a Fugees vocal led peak-time bomb. Big Miz handles the first ‘Bailando’ remix, which he laces with acidic texture and crowd teasing builds, and Tommy Holohan supplies a trancey jungle breaks alternative.

Tom Ellis

'Charm Offensive EP'

Motion Sequence

Prepare for one of the slickest releases of the month when you lock your ears on Tom Ellis’s high-grade sound. From the bubbling bass groove of opener ‘Joker & Clowns’, to the wild, revolving synth patterns that carry the bumbling low-end forward on ‘Left & Right’, this is a cut above. Then comes E-Tronik’s proto tech-house remix of 'Jokers', with a focused bassline and a fluttering, minimal arrangement, delivered with the production levels of the current era. Serious business. Ellis wraps up the EP with the soft-keyed and textured percussion of ‘Charm Offensive’, honouring its title to close the EP just right.

Christian Burkhardt

'Piano Wars'


Burkhardt and Co (Daniel Roth, Sascha Dive and Matt Tolfrey) deliver a punchy EP of proper tech-house. ‘Piano Wars’ (with Roth) is tense and rolling, ‘Che Che’ (with Sascha Dive) provides immediate impact through a devastatingly bold bass rhythm, and the chugging bass on ‘Accesseure’ (with Leftroom boss Matt Tolfrey) has trippy, pace-setting high percs that will send you into outer space.


'Raval EP'

Silver Bear Recordings

Wayward return to their most familiar label for a pumping four-track selection, that includes a pair of remixes from Nightwave and Earth Trax. They go hell for leather on the raucous ‘Raval’, counterbalancing with a broken, acid-tinged dreamscape in ‘Tables Have Turned’. ‘Raval’ then gets 'turnt the fuck up' by Glasgow’s fast-rising Nightwave, who delivers a hypnotic taste of the future with lashings of heritage vox licks, before Earth Trax slows everything down with a deep, squelching dub affair. Ooof!

Daniel Steinberg

'The Twilight EP'

Arms & Legs

Daniel offers a delectable trio of peak-time textures. The big-room sample house of ‘Twilight’ is the obvious draw, but there’s something cocky about the bassline on ‘E-Tron’ that will surely set dancefloors alight, from 100 capacity rooms to festival-sized arenas. He balances the trio off with a classic house roller, ‘Lesson Learned’. Not as impactful, but appetising all the same. Do not overlook this.

Enzo Siragusa

'Variances EP'


The Fuse don returns to Frankfurt’s Rawax for the first time since his and Seb Zito’s ‘Woonie Trax EP’ 18 months ago. ‘Contrast’ is a dark and ethereal groover that remains purposeful, with tough drums and bass, while Enzo calls upon his roots and delivers a speed garage feeling on ‘Gas Clubber’. Lastly, ‘Over Thoughts’ is a calmer affair, which still pumps, but fronts dubbed-out chords and abstract vocal echoes for a classy finish.