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Apple announce AirPods Pro

Apple announce AirPods Pro

The new headphones add noise-cancelling technology and custom-sized ear buds

Apple have announced AirPod Pros, the next version of their popular AirPod wireless earbuds. The Pros bring with them a new noise-cancelling technology, using the microphone to detect external sound and cancel it out. Apple say the new buds cancel at up to 200 times a second. The Pros also come with a small, medium and large customisable bud size for different fits – all three sizes and Apple claim the Pros have up to 4.5 hours of listening time. 

There's also a transparency mode to let you hear your surroundings while wearing the pods, letting the user dial in the right amount of noise cancelling in order to hear traffic, announcements etc. Previous features like wireless charging and Siri compatibility remain. The AirPods Pro cost £249 and are available from October 30th.