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An artist has created a Berghain-scented perfume

An artist has created a Berghain-scented perfume

L’eau de Berghain, anyone?

Berghain might be renowned the world over for its sights and sounds, but have you ever thought about how great it would be to actually smell like the hallowed Berlin institution? Ok, neither have we, but before you accuse us of absolutely losing the plot, let us point you in the direction of the work of Isabel Lewis and Sissel Tolaas. The British artist and Norwegian scent researcher recently took it upon themselves to recreate the club’s aroma, bottling it as a perfume in the name of experimentation for Lewis’ “Occasions” event. 

Lewis, a 35-year old artist, DJ and dancer was inspired to do so after a particular tripped out night at the techno institution. “You can smell 30 years of partying coming from the downstairs”, she says. “You’re smelling huge waves of smoke, you’re smelling the spilled alcohol on the floor, body sweat, hairspray, cheap cologne.” 

Speaking of cheap cologne, those of you already scrambling online for an early Christmas present will be left disappointed, as the scent won’t be available to purchase. Of course, if you still really want to smell like Berghain, we recommend you check yourself in for a marathon dancing session sometime soon. 

We thought we’d hit peak Berghain after the ‘Berghain-themed’ card game, but if you’d rather concern yourself with the sounds of the club, check out this painstaking playlist whereby one partygoer attempted to note every track that was played there during a recent weekend.