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Claptone & DJ Mag to host special live streamed event

Claptone & DJ Mag to host special live streamed event

Something big is coming...

Claptone’s up to something. As you may have spotted over the past week or so, a few news sources have been manically reporting that a mysterious “tomb” has been discovered in Loughcrew, Co.Meath, Ireland.  

Roughly human shaped and sized but with a peculiar long beak, the filmed “discovery” seems to have left the local community and the wider media scratching their collective heads at the so-called “birdman”. Etched into the artefact is a date: January 16th; suggesting that some event or another related to the beaked creature is set to go down tomorrow.  

Well, we can now confirm that, despite the Heritage Department of Ireland even stepping in to comment on the  “discovery”, that it has all indeed been an ambitious fabrication teasing something rather special...

Tomorrow, DJ Mag will be hosting an exclusive live stream straight from a secret London landmark, featuring a DJ set from Claptone himself as well as an exciting announcement. Take a look at the times below and follow the hashtag #ClaptoneInvasion to find out what time to tune in from where you are.

Stream Times:

16.1.18  20:30 - LONDON
16.1.18  15:30 - NYC
16.1.18  21:30 - BERLIN
16.1.18  21:30 - PARIS
17.1.18  07:30 – SYDNEY

In October 2017 as part of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll, Claptone was announced as the winner of the Highest House category, having come in at No. 69 overall.