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Cycling 74 announce Max 8

Cycling 74 announce Max 8

The programming software is getting another milestone release…

Cycling 74 have announced a brand new version of Max coming in Q2 2018. Recently-acquired by Ableton, Cycling 74’s Max is a programming interface for music-making and sound design, allowing users to highly customise their projects, installations, signal paths and much, much more.

The backbone of Max for Live, it was Ableton 10’s recent announcement that triggered Max 8’s introduction, with the San Francisco company explaining “We are planning to release a Max 8 upgrade in the second quarter of 2018 with many performance and workflow improvements that we will begin to detail in the coming months. The Ableton Live 10 beta is using a preliminary version of Max 8.”

Details on what’s new are currently light, but with Ableton’s acquisition and development of the platform, it’s expected that Max will become even more user friendly, something it’s focussed on over the past few versions.

Cycling 74 also explained that as of 2nd November anyone who purchases a full version or an upgrade to Max 7 will receive an upgrade to Max 8 for free. While you wait for 8 to arrive, why not take the time to get more acquinted with Max for Live, with these free modular devices