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Glastonbury 2020 must reduce noise levels, says council report

Glastonbury 2020 must reduce noise levels, says council report

Nine ways in which the festival can improve on previous editions have been identified

Glastonbury 2020 reduce noise levels
Glastonbury 2020 reduce noise levels

A council report on Glastonbury has identified nine ways in which the festival's 50th anniversary edition this summer can improve on previous events.

The debriefing report from 2019's event, produced by Mendip City Council, identifies late-night noise pollution, security checks and water supplies as key factors that can be improved. 

Claire Malcolmson, the council’s group manager for community health, said that the festival should prioritise running for the benefit of the local community as well as that of attendees.

“The Glastonbury Festival has a worldwide reputation – and as such it means that we have a huge responsibility in ensuring that it undertakes its statutory duties," she said. "The purpose of the licence, the licensing objectives and other legislation is to ensure event organisers provide a safe event whilst minimising disruption and nuisance to the local community."

The council says that the 2019 festival was well-planned and well-managed but the full list of areas in which some improvements can still be made are in: alcohol, bars and taxi provision; camping capacity; crowd safety; food safety and hygiene; general health and safety; noise and nuisance; security checks; toilets and sanitation; and water supply.

A particular issue is noise levels as last year's festival received 37 noise complaints, an increase on both of the two previous editions. The council said that more must be done to mitigate the issue of "low frequency noise propagation," otherwise known as bass.

Plans have been drawn up between the festival and the local council to allow more people to attend the 50th anniversary Glastonbury this summer. A capacity increase of 7000, bringing the total up to 210,000, has already been approved.

Glastonbury 2020 is set to take place from June 24th to 28th. Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney have been revealed as headliners for this year's festival with one more yet to be announced. Diana Ross will hold down the Sunday afternoon legends slot.