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London trio The Hook are hooking audiences with their high-octane live act...

The Hook
The Hook

Catchy guitar hooks and groovy basslines make The Hook an aptly-named, three-piece electronic/acoustic band out of London that’s worth hearing. While their upbeat music is accessible and far from the sound of the underground, it sets itself apart from the sea of predictable presets that saturate the dance charts with a fresh spin on the classic sounds of house music’s past. That homage to the heydays of mid-90s house is woven into their records with live guitar, courtesy of Daryl Fox-Huxley, head-bopping beats by Jamie Kolomeitz and soulful vocals that deliver powerful messages from Little My. 

Self-described as “nice people who like to party and love music,” The Hook’s latest single, ‘Lay Your Lips On Mine’, keeps the friendly vibe going. As evidenced in the accompanying music video, filmed during their set at Glastonbury, their live performances are as high-energy and welcoming as their personalities  open arms beckon the dancefloor to come closer, broad smiles spread across the crowd.

The Hook’s debut, four-track ‘Bad Things’ EP drops in October on Mi7 Records and promises to spread more good vibes, despite its title. DJ Mag USA caught up with beat-maker Jamie Kolomeitz in the band’s West London studio to find out just what The Hook’s hook is all about. 

What brought you three together to make music? 

Jamie: “Me and Daryl met when we were 12 ... we’re sort of like brothers. His mom and my uncle actually got together, so that’s how we know each other [laughs]. I’ve been making beats for years, always, but about five years ago Daryl decided to learn to play guitar — and Daryl, if he sets his mind to something, he will achieve it. Two years ago we decided to make something cool and fresh with his guitar and my beats.  

 “Daryl works in this restaurant called The Breakfast Club and that’s where he met Bianca [Little My]. About a year ago we had made this track called ‘Just Let Go’ and we needed a female vocalist for it. Daryl heard Bianca humming along to a record one day while washing up at work and immediately said, ‘Oh, you can sing!’ He brought her around and had a great first session ... eventually we asked her to be in the band.” 

How would you describe The Hook sound? 

Jamie: “A bit of old with a bit of new. It’s a fresh take on a classic ‘90s house music sound. Actually, my mom used to DJ herself so I grew up listening to her play that music; she’s a wicked DJ and an amazing person.” 

Your sound is definitely unique, especially live. What artists influence you as a band? 

Jamie: “It really varies — anything from the Beatles to Kate Bush, The Prodigy, Rudimental in the past few years, acts like Disclosure, Pendulum. Really wide and varied. We just love really good music. It took us quite a while to get to a single sound because one day we’d want to make a drum & bass track and the next day, a slow ballad. But we’ve truly grown into our own sound now.” 

What’s been the greatest moment of your journey together as The Hook, so far? 

Jamie: “Glastonbury, hands down. For a fresh new band like us, we’re like this big [pinches two fingers together] and there are bands that are massive and have never played a stage at Glastonbury. We played on a massive ship in the Greenpeace Field. Wicked venue ... probably even cooler than the main stage!” 

The video for ‘Lay Your Lips On Mine’ was shot at Glastonbury and the crowd went wild in it. Is that the usual reaction? 

Jamie: “Oh totally. It’s just amazing when people sing back to you. On beat, too! It’s like, ‘REALLY, they know all the words?!’ Incredible. Just to see 1,000 people sing your lyrics back to you, man ... that will keep me going till I’m dead!” 

Sum up your year in one phrase. 

Jamie:Off the hook!”