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This bonkers synth fits in an old cassette tape

Mind = blown!

Such is the speed with which music technology advances these days that it’s become increasingly difficult to force an impression. Yet rather than looking to the future for inspiration, an increasing amount of manufacturers are actually looking at ways we can look to older, more primitive and previously discarded technology to create fresh sounds. 

Lifepatch is one such company. Utilising old tape cartridges such as the walkman, they’ve developed a retro-inspired machine that works by inserting a tiny Arduoinos inside said cartridge. The result is that listeners can then bang out 8-bit music via their old cassettes. What’s more, they’re effortlessly easy to use and can be fully customised to your own musical desires. Pretty cool, we’re sure you’ll agree!

For more information, be sure to check out the LifePatch website here and check out the tutorial below.