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Tag results for Radio 1's Big Weekend. Radio 1's Dance Weekend


Radio 1's Big Weekend. Radio 1's Dance Weekend

DJ Hype — a true soldier of the dnb scene

We chat in depth to the Saved boss about The Social, his latest venture

DJ Mag talk tunes, gigs and birthdays with the d&b duo.

Signed to Digital Soundboy, stepping into Annie Mac’s shoes, and getting ready for a crazy summer of festival appearances, B.Traits explains how a Canadian country girl became the new face of English bass music...

We chat to Danny Rampling ahead of Shoom 25th Anniversary

For 20 years, DJmag has been in amongst it, at the vanguard of dance and electronic music culture, commentating, conversing and partying within the scene that we live and breathe.
But flashback to the start — how did it all begin? What was it like to be there? How did DJmag grow into the entity it is today?
We’re gonna go back, way back, into the mists of time, as we celebrate 20 years of DJ Magazine…

Tong Scoops The Gong - Radio 1 mainstay is still the daddy

Dubstep figurehead Skream has gone euphoric, smashed the templates, and upped the tempos. His new album ‘Outside The Box’ confirms he’s not content to be placed in a bracket, and is out to prove the haters wrong with a joyful set designed to resurrect the potency and power of dance music’s golden years. “I’m trying to bring rave back,” says Skream…

More major artists set to rock Clapham Common this August Bank Holiday Weekend