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computer game

Online 8-Bit computer game set to Skrillex tracks and FX

Pioneer’s new XDJ-Aero Controller gives DJs Wi Fi capabilities, but will its hi-tech wizardry fly high or come crashing down to the earth?

Waves’ new V9 plug-in upgrade has made a big splash in the world of digital audio plug-ins.

Post modern pop renegade James Ferraro on European tour

House pioneer returning to UK to play Proud2, London

Find Studio XTc with ESI's compact new MIDI controller keyboard, the Key Control 49XT

Tech-funk main man makes album with Oscar-winning film composer

Above & Beyond are a genuine phenomenon. Arguably the biggest electronic DJing and production collective the UK has ever produced, inspiring almost unimaginable adulation in their fans, they’ve played to nearly a million people in Brazil, sold out the Hollywood Palladium in record time and remixed Madonna.
Now, with a new album in tow, ‘Group Therapy’ — their first under the name since 2006 — these trance giants are about to blow the game apart all over again...

Pioneer’s new Rekord Box software delivers the goods…

Compatibility is the name of the game with Pioneer’s forward-thinking new CDJ players