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Native Instruments announces new ambassador Jlin with 'Komplete Sketches'

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Native Instruments have dropped a new video feature on originality, collaboration and the creative process which showcases Jlin — one of electronic music’s most enigmatic and energetic voices on originality — and her collaboration with dancer Avril Stormy Unger.

Jlin is an electronic producer originally from Gary, Indiana 20 miles down the road from Chicago, known for her explosive and uncompromisingly original sound. She is considered one of the most fiercely original producers in electronic music today. In the new video, she explains how she originally explored the sound of traditional footwork before her mother got her to rethink her approach and define her own unique musical identity and adopt a new, sampling-free approach to creation.

In the insightful video, we get to learn more about Jlin’s philosophy on originality and creativity, how she changed her production process which eventually lead to her collaboration with dancer Avril Stormy Unger, and reflects on her rapid rise to prominence.

The video’s soundtrack includes Jlin’s recent Komplete Sketches contribution, a work-in-progress that became Nyakinyua Rise, the second track from her Dark Lotus EP on Planet Mu (released Feb 10th).

Jlin’s music was recently featured in season one of Komplete Sketches, which we focused upon in an earlier report – a series of twenty four works-in-progress created by twenty four contemporary electronic producers using only the instruments and effects of KOMPLETE 11. The sketch, which eventually became Nyakinyua Rise, is a hard-hitting combination of samples from various DISCOVERY SERIES libraries.

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